Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Competitive Analysis

Sunny Valley Creations will identify and analyze your business as against your competitors. This analysis will research on-page search engine optimization, back links, key-wording, social presence, and internal links. SVC will create a customized marketing for your business to outrank and outperform your competitors. SVC can give you some homework or things to do online to save on your budget or let SVC do it all for you.

Content Marketing

Content is key! In order to climb the "Search Engine Ladder" you must have relevant unique content in your website, in some chosen mediums such as blogs and social media. Sunny Valley Creations will help you identify the best content medium for your business and create custom campaigns. Frequent updating of these mediums will be vital for your search engine optimization campaign to be successful. Sunny Valley Creations can consult or manage your inbound traffic, link building, and tagging.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Sunny Valley Creations can analyze your website for target keywords. Keywording your pages, tags, phrases, and content is vital to your SEO success. Our experience can help you outrank your competitors, increase your conversions, and reach your customers! The strategy will begin with search volume, competition, and keyword effectiveness.

Link Building

Links are like a vote for your website! The quantity and quality of backlinks to your website will contribute to the success of your website's ranking. SVC will consult link building strategies for your particular business.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Sunny Valley Creations will analyze your particular business, website, and social presence in order to create mobile SEO strategy for your business.

Website UI (User Interface) Design

A well developed "website map" enhances interactions with your website. Is your site easy to navigate, content rich, and visible on search engines? Sunny Valley Creations can help you layout your website to achieve a clean, neat, easy to navigate, interactive, and relevant website for your customers!
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